Runway Theatre - Grapevine
Why would Canadian geese fly thousands of miles south to Texas, arriving in time to endure triple-digit temperatures? Simple, they're huge fans of Return Engagements by Bernard Slade! Slade (who also wrote the play Same Time, Next Year and the screenplay for the 1978 movie of the same name, starring Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn) is as Canadian as any goose, moose or Mountie. Everyone loves a romantic comedy (and Return Engagements is a wonderful romantic comedy!), but how many times have you seen a romantic comedy set in a guest house room near Stratford, Ontario, Canada? Probably never, and that's tragic! But there's a quick and easy Happy Ending ... just click for tickets!
Ask any Canadian goose, and they'll tell you that Return Engagements is a show not to be missed; it's a show worth migrating to Grapevine for! We'll see you at Runway Theatre!  
Return Engagements
Return Engagements
Jun 08, 2018 - Jun 25, 2018
Runway Theatre, Grapevine, TX
It's 1954...a tipsy actress and a bellboy wind up their night of lovemaking, three hours before her wedding. It's 1956...a gutsy Polish woman who has chosen as her lover a carpenter "with good genes" informs him that she is returning to Poland to bear his child. It's 1963...a writer and a therapist, once partners in a prosaic marriage, await the arrival of their new prospective mates. Fast-forward 20, 25, and 30 years later as we revisit the couples and learn, much to our merriment, how they ended up and how, ultimately, their stories are all linked together. By Bernard Slade Rated PG-13.