Bill Evans VO for Animated TV Pilot Storyboard
One African American woman: authoritative w/gravitas.
One African-American man: goofy.
One Latino man: suave.
One Caucasian woman (preferably Asian, but any Caucasian is fine): geeky
One Caucasian woman: emo/sexy
This is VO for 30 minute script. Usage is storyboard only - not for broadcast or public viewing. VO age is 30's. Genre is comedy. 
Format: Talent will record individually, reading each line four times. I am the VO director, and will have portable voice recorder. Any place reasonably close to area code 75214 - this is for storyboard, so some background noise is fine. When is over next 11 days. Session is 60 minutes of recording time. Atmosphere is  relaxed. No auditions necessary - if someone thinks she/he can do it, it's probably fine (I.e. for storyboard). Genuine ethnicity preferred for voice. Actual age unimportant. Payment $50-$100/hr based on experience.
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