Indie Film "ULTIMATE"



KLA Productions is holding auditions to cast ULTIMATE, a feature film about finding one’s place in the world through Ultimate Frisbee. This will be a 12 day shoot, taking place between Nov 27, 20017 - Jan 6, 2018. Stipend and deferred pay, Non-SAG.


Auditions will take place on November 12 and 13, 12 PM - 4PM by appointment only. Email to schedule an audition time, or send picture and resume c/o KLA Productions, 15707 Coit Road - C #146, Dallas, TX 75248 if unable to attend or for our files for future productions.


Casting the following roles:


Theo Brantley - mid 20’s, unkempt free spirit, spent 5 years doing service in Ecuador, forced back to his parent’s home by a military coup.


Inna - 20’s, Theo’s Ecuadorian Girlfriend, desperate but brave and strong.


Donny Sullivan - mid 20’s, Theo’s college buddy, now buttoned-down businessman. Captain of the Arsenal Ultimate Frisbee team.


Misty Beauchamp - mid-30's, intensely fierce coach of the team.


Carlos Aires - 20's, Mexican, chunky Arsenal team member.


Li Chen - early-20’s, Asian. Spunky, sarcastic, Arsenal player. Carlos’ girlfriend


Leslie and Ben Brantley - 50’s-60’s,Theo’s overly-concerned parents.


Amara - 20’s, South African Arsenal player. Short, fast


Bacon - 20’s, tall, goofy, Arsenal player. Stuffy, part time food critic


Angus -  30’s, grizzly, veteran, ginger-bearded Arsenal player.


Dusty - 30s, Restaurant manager/owner. Stern, strict, cowboy boss.


Shirlene - 20’s, southern diner waitress. Bacon’s secret love.


Hostess - teenager, passive pushover. Cowgirled-up.


Ultimate Frisbee Players- Vary in age, physicality, and ethnicity. A genuine melting pot of mostly-athletes.

Other Characters: Donny’s coworkers, restaurant patrons, Li’s parents, Carlos’ mother, patrons and fans.