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Acting On Camera
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
w/Gail Cronauer
This class is for students who are seriously interested in pursuing screen acting, actors who are seeking to make the transition from stage to screen, and actors who have worked on screen but seek to be more effective in auditions or on the set. Students perform a series of exercises, which explore the nature of screen acting and techniques which will help one to become an effective screen actor. Film acting is the technique of you. Your job is to bring your YOUniqueness to the screen. What does that mean and how do you accomplish it? Emphasis is placed on developing audition techniques and skills, using improv, interview and cold readings. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. We will discuss the audition and callback experiences as well as what happens AFTER you are cast. We will study how films are shot and how different shots require different "acting styles", as well as basic screen acting vocabulary, personnel, and techniques. Students take their personal videotapes home to study. Resources and further avenues of study will be suggested.
Class fee $180
start April 3rd end April 24th


Day 1 Lecture w/Ed Johnston
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
All actors enrolled in this 2 session workshop will meet together with Ed for a brief talk, introductions and sharing of individual stories.

Ages 16 and up

Workshop fee $195 for STAGE members/$215 for non (does not include STAGE membership) includes Friday lecture and EITHER Saturday or Sunday session.

Contact Wendy Welch to enroll in this workshop:


YOUTH Film & TV Workshop
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
w/Jeff Fenter
Saturday Group w/Ed Johnston
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
The day consists of morning lecture followed by intense scenework, with strong use of improvisation techniques and a focus on naturalism and 'truth'.
Beginning Acting I
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
ElizaBeth Bontley
class fee $160
starts May 5th ends June 2nd
Skip May 26th


Voice Over I
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
w/Bob Michaels

This class is widely known as the VO-101 of our area. The class is wildly popular, having even brought in students from other states who seek to learn the art of VO from one of the most skilled and prolific performers in our area. Many talent agents also send their people to train with Bob

Class fee $300 for members / $350 includes 1 year membership

Start date Apr 1st end date Apr 29th


Beginning Acting I
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
ElizaBeth Bontley
class fee $160
starts May 5th ends June 2nd
Skip May 26th


Commercial Audition Workshop w/ Tisha Blood
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Commercial Audition Workshop
w/ Casting Director Tisha Blood of Buffalo Casting
There is no better way to improve your audition skills than being ON CAMERA
and seeing your performance from the client’s perspective!
Sunday, May 4th 2014
Location: 166 Express St, Dallas, 75207
(Location is right down the street from S.T.A.G.E.)
Time: 12-5pm
Class Limit: 20
Beginners or Advanced
Ages 16 and up
$150 for STAGE members
$200 for non-members (price includes one-year STAGE membership)
The Workshop will begin with an introduction and an overview of the local Industry with Casting Director Tisha Blood, owner and founder of Buffalo Casting, established in 1997. The workshop will also include a Q + A so you have your questions about the audition and casting process answered.
Workshop participates will be given sides for several types of TV commercial auditions and audition on camera in a constructive workshop setting. Actors will gain valuable audition experience and technique on camera and performances will be directed, edited and posted online for each performer - just as they are for the commercial auditions.
Tisha Blood has been casting commercials; industrials, print advertising, television and films in Texas for over 16 years and her perspective on the Texas market will benefit the new or established local actor. 2013 credits include: JCP, Forest Park Medical, Papa John's, Albertsons, Interstate Batteries, Texas Health Resources, Gold Bond, Hilton Fiat, American Girl, Bealls, FedEx, St. Anthony, Sprint, Juicy Juice, Frito Lay, Cadillac, Dairy Queen, Cook Children's, Taco Bell, Cabelas, American Airlines, Mary Kay and Frost Bank.
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View Instructor Videos

ElizaBeth Bontley, John S. Davies and Lynn Metrik have created short videos that tell a bit about the classes that they teach here at STAGE.  Take a moment and take a look!

Click on About S.T.A.G.E. then Faculty then choose the instructor by name.

NEVER Pay for an Audition

If you learn only 1 thing from us, it's this...If you have to pay for an audition, it is a SCAM!

Perusal Scripts

STAGE has perusal scripts to help our members prepare for auditions and call-backs. These scripts are for members only and cannot be taken from STAGE.


What's Playing Where, When and Theatre Stories

Be sure to visit for local theater production dates, reviews (and yes, even  gossip)!  


 S.T.A.G.E. is proud to continue P.L. Moore´s legacy by keeping  S.T.A.G.E.´s promise to provide valuable resources to actors, theaters and entertainers for OVER 30 years.  Thanks, PL for getting this started!





Want more info about STAGE's classes for film, TV and stage?  Click on the About S.T.A.G.E. tab!  Click on Class Schedule for a list of current classes or drag the mouse over any date on our calendar (look left) to see what's going on here when!


        ALL classes @ STAGE are for Adults (16 and up).  If it is a Youth acting class, the age will be specified and "YOUTH" will be in the title of the class.   


Don't see the class you want on the class schedule?  Call us and start an interest list, we are always eager and open to ideas for new classes.  When we have interest from enough students, we'll float a class!!   

When enrollment minimums are not met, classes are canceled so please call 214-630-7722 to register ASAP!  Credit cards are required to register for class and will be charged when the minimum is met for that class.  You must be a member to take classes @ STAGE. ;o) 

LisaAnne Haram

Education Coordinator


   What people are saying about our classes:

Jeanne Everton's "Auditioning for TV Commercials" -
"I admire Mrs. Everton's passion, laugh, wisdom and great soul"
"Jeanne is a great instructor.  She's knowledgeable and a good mentor.  That's why I took her class for a 2nd time!"
"This class was very beneficial...about the making of a TV commercial"
"Outstanding class, Jeanne Rocks!!"
"I auditioned for a commercial recently,and the techniques I learned from Jeanne's "Auditioning for Commercials" class were instrumental in helping me land the part. Knowing I was really ready for the audition, thanks to Jeanne, gave me the confidence I needed."
Jeanne Everton's PRAU:
"Her broad and extensive knowledge of the industry combined with a practical approach to getting the job is truly a 1-2 punch!  Loved it!
"This class was so full of information, I want more! "
"Excellent content and well presented"
Beth Bontley Beginning Acting:
"...Beth is very qualified and I'm learning the craft of acting."
"This class has been great...I have a great appreciation and a new understanding about acting."
"...Great learning experience."
Gail Cronauer Acting on Camera:
"Great class.  Gail is very good and keeps things fun."
"...the instructor was very knowledgeable..."
"Excellent instructor!"
John S. Davies Film Auditioning:
"This guy is great."
"Like the small class environment"
"John was so great and really simplified the audition process and took a lot of my anxiety out of it.  I loved that the class was small."
"Love it"

Cleaning out your closet ? BRING IT DOWN!!
STAGE now has a World Wear Project bin to collect all sorts of textiles in all conditions. Only have one shoe? No problem, we want it. Providing shoes and clothing for those in need, raising funds for STAGE and helping our environment all happen with our partnership with World Wear Project. We’d love your backpacks, purses, stuffed animals, hard toys, hats, clothes, and pots & pans! Just drop off in our S.T.A.G.E bin before a class or when you're in the area for an audition. The bin is always open!!!
STAGE receives $.15/lb donated. This is a great way to clean up and support STAGE.
Thank you- S.T.A.G.E. STAFF!!!