Submissions for: RED DOTS - Short Comedy Film

Project: RED DOTS – a short comedy film
Contract: SAG-AFTRA Short Project Agreement
Payment: Deferred
Location: Dallas, TX
Shoot Dates: Dec. 1-2
Callback Meetings: Saturday, Nov. 17 Location STAGE, 1106 Lupo Drive, Dallas, TX 75207 

Director: Natasha Paris
Executive Producer: Stuart Glass
Producers: Sharon Garrison, Wendy Pennington, Natasha Paris
Writers: Stuart Glass, Wendy Pennington and Natasha Paris

Submissions:Submit headshot,acting resume and demo reel to **

Must work local to DFW area.

Seeking performers able to portray:

  • • Ash – Trans-Man/Woman, Transgender Artist, 30s-40. Ash is a bright light of energy and love who has been through it and is now truly happy to be where he/she has evolved.
  • • Ariel - Female, 30s. Gallery owner, sarcastic, cool, hip, and modern with her own unique sense of style, runs a gallery that is all about abstract art.
  • • Mrs. McGregor – Female Art Collector, 50s. A rich, established art collector who loves to show off her collection at home and the office. Likes to be in the in-crowd. Loves rubbing elbows with other collectors, artists and gallerists.
  • • Art Critic #2 – Female 40s+. A pompous critic who loves “art-speak”. Wears her own unique style, modern 2018. Loves to be adored and sought after for her opinion.
  • • Gallery Patron – Male 30s-40s. A funky art gallery patron who is clearly an art lover with his own unique style.
  • • Background for two gallery scenes – Men and Women ages 18+. Looking for a few high-end, society art patrons as well as a few funky, younger art-lovers/students/artists. Shooting one day for each gallery. (If you are an abstract visual artist, please include that in your submission!)

SYNOPSIS: RED DOTS follows Reese London, an established painter, whose realistic bluebonnet paintings have long dominated the highly competitive art world. But how does one measure success? When Reese unexpectedly finds herself at a crossroads in her life, she must make a choice. Will she elect to remain in the safety of her thriving, comfortable existence? Or will she find the courage to embrace a buried artistic passion that both frightens and nourishes her unique creative soul? Her ultimate choice exposes an exquisite imagination and a surprisingly wicked sense of humor.

**We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by law, unless otherwise specifically indicated.