"Straight Up" Screenplay Reading Sept 8th

STAGE's next reading in our Read Series:  Straight Up


Straight Up is a fish-out-of-water, satirical romantic comedy set between the clashing worlds of rural-conservative and urban-liberal America, and shows how people might rise above this conflict as truer individuals.

LOGLINE: A small-town computer whiz starts a job in San Francisco to pay for his Ma's cancer treatment. After misrepresenting himself as gay to his chic female co-worker, he must learn to win her heart without breaking her trust.

The following are the available major roles in order of importance:

AUGUSTUS DELMONT (macho, brilliant, benighted)
The main character. Late-20s to early-30s. (Most of the major speaking roles are of this age.) White male, Texan accent. Preferably blond and blue eyes.
JULIANA (blunt, eager, fiery)
The female lead. San Francisco native, Augustus' intellectual equal but cultural opposite. Late-20s Hispanic. California-Latina accent preferred.
MOOSE (crass, loyal, gregarious)
Augustus' best friend. White male, Texan accent. Built like a linebacker and hairy. Very redneck.
MA (vulgar, domineering, impish)
Augustus' sick mother.
PA (antiquated, proud, wise)
Augustus' handicapped father.
DOMINIC (wily, lewd, egotistical)
Male, good-looking, vain, womanizing musician, roughly the same age as Augustus. Race is flexible, American accent.
SPUTIN (despotic, theatrical, equitable)

CEO of Trigrd, the social media company where Augustus starts to work. Mid-to-late 40s male, looks Eastern European. Russian accent.

GLENN (unabashed, positive, forgiving)
The lone homosexual fixture at the local bar in Augustus' hometown. White male, same age as Augustus. "Gay" manner of speaking.

SILVER (psychotic, contriving, arbitrary)
Juliana's "aggressive yoga" instructor. Deadpan, but capable of violent bursts of rage. White male, same age or slightly older than Augustus.

JEB MCCLINTON (bitter, lecherous, wistful)
Older Southern white man, once-famous country music star now in faded glory. Closeted homosexual. Southern accent.

QUENTINO (delicate, courtly, accomplished)
African-born adopted brother of Juliana.

TURBO (reverential, hapless, accommodating)
Augustus' biggest fanboy. Hipster millennial nerd and co-worker at Trigrd.

DICK & TERRENCE (sanctimonious, modish, chauvinistic)
Co-workers of Augustus that show him the ropes his first day at Trigrd. These are two characters, but are so similar they are grouped together here. Mid-20s males, race is flexible.
If you are interested in reading any of these roles, please call 214-630-7722 to let us know.  We want to be sure we have enough people for the roles shown at the very least!!  If you just want to come and support our talented local artist, that's great!!  Let us know so we have enough CHAIRS!!