The Crimson Files - Podcast

The Assembly of Geeks Podcast Network will be launching its first FICTION PODCAST

later this summer, and we’re holding voice auditions for the first season this Saturday,June 16th from 11am–2 pm at

Arcturus Rehearsal Studio   

713 B Tower Lane

McKinney, Texas 65069


It’s a podcast so at the moment, this is a non-paid project.  However‚Äč   there will be a Patron Page set-up for this show that could help pay voice actors down the road.


You will get a copy of the final production for your voice reel.  The first season will consist of six 20-minute episodes.  It will air on its own podcast feed and The Assembly

of Geeks Podcast Network feed.


While we definitely want voice actors to audition, we invite any actors to come if they’re interested. 


The show is tentatively titled The Crimson Files, and it follows a group of friends who cover a female superhero for their website. 


Roles available:


WYATT – (20s) An aspiring internet reporter.  Energetic and passionate about his work.


REGGIE - (African- American, 20s) Wyatt’s production partner.  Funny and opinionated.


REBECCA (Late 30s-40s) Aspiring superhero.


SLICK SAUCY (Male, 30s+) Popular and energetic internet talk show host.


DRENCH (Male Mid 30s+) The villain.  Cocky and brash.


JENNA (20s) Adventurous.  Thrill driver. Fun attitude with an edge.


DIEGO (30s) A good cop caught in a tough situation.


JEANIE (70s) A sassy grandmother.


If you have a home studio or a high-quality microphone, you’re welcome to email Scott at:, ask for the sides, record a read and send it to him. 


This is a great opportunity to be part of a fun project on an established podcast network.


It’s a show that has plans to produce multiple seasons.  Check out the Assembly of Geeks Podcast Network: