• Sheila Hart is helping with casting for a faith based feature film from the producers/writers of God’s Not Dead and the producer of I Can Only Imagine. It’s a strongly pro-life true story of one woman’s journey to redemption.

    The film is non-union. So we’re only seeing non-union, Fi-Core or SAG actors willing to go Fi-Core. We will be shooting from mid-April through May in Oklahoma. Pay rates range from $500/day to $3,500/wk depending upon the role with travel and accommodations covered as well. 

    It is important for actors to know of the pro-life element of the story as convictions run deep on both sides of this controversial topic. We would only encourage submissions from those comfortable with the content.

    Here are the breakdowns:

    Abigail – 28. Female. Caucasian. LEAD. Her red hair is the first hint of the fiery nature within. Bold, confident and unafraid of a fight, Abigail is passionate about her cause but compassionate to the core.


    Kathleen – 44. Female. Caucasian. SUPPORTING. Abigail’s mom. An attractive brunette with big Texas hair and a big Texas personality. A steel magnolia in her own right who loves her daughter with a passion though she doesn’t always agree with her choices.