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Angels in America, Perestroika
Sept. 28 - Oct. 7, 2018
$30 - $50
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Written by Tony Kushner
Directed by Cheryl Denson
As one of the great plays of the 20th century, Angels in America, Perestroikapicks up right where Millenium Approaches leaves offwith the epic conclusion of the fate of two couples in which one partner has abandoned the other and God has abandoned Heaven. Perestroika also has plot surprises that were not foreshadowed in Part One. The award-winning play explores gay culture, race, political injustice, inequality, and the future of America through the lens of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Americans – in the face of crumbling structures and systems are still wrestling with how best to navigate the complexities of hope. This Gay Fantasia on National Themes raises the stakes with characters confronting the real, the ethereal, and themselves, with the conclusion taking place five years after our introduction to these memorable characters
Under the direction of Cheryl Denson, Uptown will showcase the original star-studded Dallas cast to reprise their roles, including: Emily Scott Banks (Angel), Pam Dougherty (Hannah Pitt), Marianne Galloway (Harper Pitt), Kyle Igneczi (Joe Pitt), Walter Lee (Belize), David Lugo (Roy Cohn), David Meglino (Louis Ironson), and Garret Storms (Prior Walter). 
Uptown Players has gathered a dedicated following and is providing an opportunity for a wide diversity of gender styles to come together and explore life choices through great theatre themes such as relationships, family, prejudice, and values. 
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