Improv w/Chad Cline

Wanna work more? This four week Improv intensive is excellent for anybody! Learn how to be more positive, gain confidence and trust your instincts. Improvisation has become a huge part of the audition process and is often used in commercial, film, and television shoots.  It doesn't matter what your experience level is, you will get something out of this class!  Come PLAY!

 Chad Cline trained at the Groundlings in Los Angeles and has been performing and teaching improv for over 20 years.

"Chad Cline was my very first improv coach and I learned a tremendous amount in that course.  Chad has a teaching style that is fun and energetic, but also very informative.  You don't even realize all that you're learning in the moment because you're having so much fun!  I still carry and use those skills I learned in Chad's class with me.  Chad's improv class taught me to be more confident, a better public speaker and communicator, trust my instincts, and always say "Yes, And." "
- Kina Bale-Reed
Casting Director