The Business of Auditioning
Breaking into Showbiz
Learn the tricks of the trade with with Los Angeles Casting Director, MIRANDA MARTINEZ
Most recently, Casting Director in the independent film ICAROS: A VISION. Miranda has also worked in the Casting Departments for THE LONE RANGER (Johnny Depp), THE LAST STAND (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and in the following TV Shows WELCOME TO THE FAMILY - NBC/SONY (Pilot), WEIRD LONERS-FOX (Pilot), SLEEPY HOLLOW.
This class is about the business and how to get you started very quickly
Adults only
(or parents of actor children are also welcome)
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015 
Time: 6pm-10pm 
Location: STAGE
Fee:  $80 for members
$100 for non
Spots are extremely limited.
Topics include:
* The first steps on getting into the business - Step by step 
* Headshots - What we look for and what to wear. You will get a list of photographers in town
* Resumes - You will get a sample resume 
* The process on getting an agent - You will get a sample cover letter 
* How to prepare for an audition - I will give you a checklists for what do do before the audition, during and after.
* The Auditioning Process. Audition and Callbacks 
* What to do when you book a job 
* Classes & Showcases
* Terminology of the Business 
* Taxes overview and what's deductible 
* Print Auditions or "Go Sees" 
* Be professional, knowledgeable, and on top of "your game", even if you just started
*Overview on the industry and differences between commercial, film/TV casting
* A packet of printed material and notes will be provided.
Miranda Martinez has been heavily involved in various areas of media in Dallas and Los Angeles since 1998. She's been an actress, producer and has been working in casting for the last 12 years. Since she moved to Los Angeles in 2012, she has worked as Casting Director for the independent film ICAROS and a national commercial campaign for the VA Hospital. Theatrically, she worked under renowned casting director Jo Edna Boldin, CSA (TRUE GRIT, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, 3:10 TO YUMA) on the series CHASE (NBC) and two major films: THE LAST STAND (Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2013 film) as well as THE LONE RANGER (with Johnny Depp). In Los Angeles she's worked on the pilot WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (NBC/SONY) under Casting Director Alyson Silverberg, CSA (JANE THE VIRGIN, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER) and on additional casting for SLEEPY HOLLOW (FOX) and an the pilot WEIRD LONERS (FOX) with Yolanda Guillen, CSA. 
"When starting out in this industry, you need as much direction and advice that you can get and I found it all at this seminar! I was given wonderful tips on auditions, headshots, on how to get an agent and the basic introduction of the entertainment industry. Useful information was also handed out, which I keep and use when going to an audition every time. This seminar has helped me keep organized and look out for what is important as being an actress, model and dancer. Thank you Miranda for your help! Good luck and best wishes!" 
- Dulce Rosales
"Miranda Martinez' "Breaking into Showbiz" seminar provides a wealth of knowledge for aspiring actors trying to make in the local market. She gives you information that it would take years to uncover yourself. Her seminar will jump-start your career." 
-Cheryl Rayl
"I really enjoyed your seminar (Breaking into Showbiz)! It answered so many of my questions and gave me a better understanding of the Film Industry. The notes you typed and gave to us have already come in handy while I've been trying to get ready for auditions and revising my resume. One of the things that I was worried about was finding an acting class and I'm so glad you gave a list of studios and teachers in the DFW area. I also liked the more intimate setting, where we all got our questions answered and you took your time to explain them detail so we would for sure get the full understanding. Thank you for putting on this seminar!" 
- Melissa Whiteman
"This workshop was so empowering. It is interesting to hear how the casting process takes place. You give so many helpful tips / do's and don't's in the business. Just in the past couple of years so many things have changed as far as being prepared actor. Getting the perspective from an actor and casting director is a great advantage. I had no idea how social media is such an essential part. This was eye opening. Thank you so much Miranda. I enjoyed your class."