Uptown Players
Terry D. Loftis Productions in association with Uptown Players announce auditions for an advanced stage reading of a new musical Living Over The Rainbow. The rehearsals will take place April 1-9, 2019 and will culminate with 2 performances April 10-11 at the Booker T. Washington Black Box Theatre for an invited audience. 
Living Over The Rainbow has Book, Music & Lyrics by Roz Esposito, with Additional Music & Lyrics by Richard Winzeler and Dennis Bryan. It is directed by Ilana Ransom Toeplitz with Music Direction by Greg Kenna.
Inspired by a true story and set in modern times, Living Over the Rainbow is an original musical about a 15-year old gay boy who comes down from heaven to confront the boy who killed him. He is met by three oddball angels who are assigned to assist him, but they are of no help. Larry is ultimately left to find the answers himself. After several false starts, Larry thinks he knows what will set him free, but it turns out his task is something much harder.
The following roles are open to both equity and non-equity actors. There are two LOA/LORT principal equity contracts available for this production. 
[Brian] - Male plays Brian at the ages of 14, 19 and 26. A short-fused homophobic/ white supremacist who shot and killed his 15-year old gay classmate Larry in their Middle School classroom when he was 14. Brian was raised in a violent white supremacist household and suffered physical abuse. He was taught that violence equals manhood. Although he has strong feelings, he is not the most emotionally aware person. He’s in prison facing a long sentence and is resistant to help from his attorney Patrick. Actor must play a wide range of emotions from rageful to vulnerable. Strong rock tenor.
[The Angel Vern] - Male, 40s+, British accent, charismatic, flamboyant. Vern is one of three angels assigned to help Larry navigate the afterlife. Vern is co-dependent and always wants to help even though he knows he shouldn’t. Even when he gets chastised by his cohort, he just can’t keep himself from helping. Ringabella and Vern were married in a past life. This role requires strong comedic ability. Baritone. Open to all ethnicities.
[The Angel Ringabella] - Female, 30s+, Charismatic, sarcastic. Ringabella tells it like it is. Though she comes off as sassy, she can be sweet and nurturing when she needs to be. Her job is to guide Larry to find the answers himself. She has a unique relationship with Vern as she and Vern were married in a past life. Ringabella often finds herself keeping Vern in line. This role requires strong comedic ability. Mezzo soprano. Open to all ethnicities.
[The Angel Winn] - Female,16, dancer, etheric, soft, sweet. Winn has only one line in the play, but rather expresses herself through movement. She is the “heart” for Larry. When he gets confused or upset, she is the calming presence. She takes him into a sweet trance dance to comfort him and get him in touch with his heart. This role requires a sweet energy, and the ability to dance and sing harmonies. No solo musical material but actor must be able to sing in ensemble numbers. Vocal range is negotiable. Open to all ethnicities.
[Joan] - Female, 30’s, attractive, out femme-lesbian, warm, pragmatic, successful, selectively approachable. Joan is the Editor and Chief of a National LGBT magazine. Her wife died a few years ago and she has remained single and involved with her work. She has a crush on Rosie but keeps it under wraps because she can see that Rosie is in denial about her own sexuality. This actress also plays Marley, who is a warm, quirky Psychic Medium. Mezzo, Pop/Rock. Open to all ethnicities.
[Thomas] - Male, 40’s. Rosie’s estranged brother. Born Again Christian, defensive, principled, conservative, protecting his heart to the point that he is emotionally shut down. His 16-year-old daughter, Millie, committed suicide after being bullied for being gay. Thomas loves Rosie very much, but has a hard time connecting with her. The siblings haven’t seen each other in the year since Millie committed suicide. Thomas carries a Bible with him and everywhere. Thomas eventually opens up and shows great vulnerability. Baritenor. Open to all ethnicities.
[Patrick] - 40’s, Brian’s court-appointed attorney. Strong yet compassionate and a self-made man. Patrick grew up in the projects, put himself through college on scholarships and graduated at the top of his class. He has a passion for working with juvenile cases, believing that everyone can change if given the chance. He believes in miracles and he has seen people turn their lives around. Strong pop/gospel tenor. Open to all ethnicities. 
Please prepare two 16-20 measure folk, pop, or rock selections. Auditions will be held by appointment on Sunday, February 3 from 10am to 5pm in Bryant Hall adjacent to the Kalita Humphreys Theater, 3636 Turtle Creek Blvd (@ Blackburn), Dallas TX 75219. To request an audition appointment, click on the link below. A headshot and resume are required. Callbacks will take place on Monday, February 4 from 7pm to 10pm.