Undermain Theatre Season

For its 35th season Undermain celebrates its past, its future, and its present with two world premieres, a rarely seen world classic, and a celebratory reboot of a recent gem from the Undermain repertoire. 



An Iliad
By Lisa Petersen and Denis O'Hare
In the spirit of celebration of 35 years of cutting edge performance, Undermain establishes its Repertoire Series to honor the gems of its production history, with a reboot of An Iliad, reviving this landmark production from 2012 starring Bruce DuBose and Paul Semrad and directed by Undermain Artistic Director Katherine Owens. An Iliad is a modern-day retelling of Homer's classic. Poetry and humor, the ancient tale of the Trojan War and the modern world collide in this captivating theatrical experience. The setting is simple: the empty theater. The time is now: the present moment. The lone figure onstage is a storyteller—possibly Homer, possibly one of the many bards who followed in his footsteps. He is fated to tell this story throughout history.
February 7 - March 3, 2019 
Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm with  2:00 Sunday matinees
so go the ghosts of méxico, part three
By Matthew Paul Olmos
A World Premiere 
so go the ghosts of méxico, part three will be the centerpiece production of the Whither Goest Thou America Festival. This is the final installment in this three-play cycle exploring the U.S./México drug wars. A young Méxican couple get caught up in the web of the drug trade between the two countries, changing their lives forever. But is their ordeal what it seems or a mirage of disinformation created by unseen forces? Somewhere between truth and illusion a mother from México searches for her missing daughter. The third part of Matthew Paul Olmos’s daring and poetic trilogy explores the human struggle of the US/México drug wars and the shadowy forces which create the market and distribution system shaping the world on both sides of the border.
April 12 - May 5, 2019
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 and Sundays at 2:00
Whither Goest Thou America:
A Festival of New  American Play Readings
The second annual Festival: Undermain presents a series of readings of new plays examining the American Landscape. Each week of the series will focus on a different playwright and play with staged readings by an ensemble cast. Audiences will have the opportunity to return each week of the series to experience a new work examining the American experience and asking the question, “Where are we going?”  Play titles will be announced during the season.

April 10 - May 2, 2019

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 


For more information, go to www.undermain.org