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SUBMISSIONS:  This is a call for submissions only.  Auditions will be made by appointment only.  Please submit headshot/resume to If we are interested in inviting you to the auditions you will receive a detailed email with instructions.


WHERE: Keller, TX


AUDITION DATE: A scheduled appointment between September 19-22, 2018


REHEARSALS: Exact rehearsal dates TBD based upon tour dates 


SHOW DATES: Upcoming possible tours include: New Braunfels, TX (Sept. 27-30); Perris, CA (Oct. 4-15); and Bellville, TX (Oct. 10-14).  Other booking opportunities are possible once accepted to our talent roster.  



We are auditioning for “Tumbleweed Crossing:” our dynamic, self-contained, authentic old west set; which comes to life with our award-winning comedy gunfight stunt show. Our action-packed shows are filled with stunts, crowd pleasing comedy, and special effects! Watch our YouTube video here:  Must be 21 years of age and capable of heavy lifting and load in/out construction.


PAY: $100/performance day + Travel/Per Diem (if applicable). Tour lodging provided. Management promotion/pay possible for the right candidate.



Marshal Luke Stephens – (Male, 21-55 years old) Marshal Stephens is a straight arrow in a wacky world of crazy Wild West characters. A strong, friendly man-about-town, he’s the man in charge of his not-so-smart deputy protecting their fair city from bad guys who have just strolled into town.  (This character is responsible for setting the pace of the show and must be able to speak in front of and capture the attention of large crowds and audiences.)


Deputy Leon – (Male, 21-40 years old) This Deputy may not be the best at his job, but he sure is the funniest!  After convincing the Marshal to switch jobs with him for the day, a couple of rotten bad guys come into town and put Leon’s courage to the test.  (This role requires a character actor capable of high energy and excellent comedic timing.)


Slade – (Male, 21-45 years old) New to town, he doesn’t take kindly to Deputy Leon’s antics. With his partner by his side, he resorts to a gunfight to take down the Marshal and Deputy. 


Sidesaddle – (Male, 21-50 years old) Sidekick to Slade, this tough desperado won’t take any funny business from anyone. He’s in the thick of the action when the big shootout goes down.  (This role REQUIRES A 10-12ft HIGH FALL)







BUSHWHACKED AT BRONCO BOB’S by Lagniappe Productions

An Interactive Comedy, Wild West Murder Mystery

Texas Star Dinner Theater (NON-EQUITY) –


Voted “Best Entertainment in Texas” by Texas Meetings + Events Magazine and Reader’s Choice “Best Theater Troupe” by Fort Worth Weekly, the Texas Star Dinner Theater is an award-winning comedy murder mystery dinner theater located in downtown Grapevine, and we’re looking for talented actors for our main season show!


WHEN:  SCREENING: Tuesday, September 25th (Callbacks will be the following Wednesday, September 26th or on an individual scheduled basis)


AUDITION INFO:  Actors must be 21 years of age or older. This is a call for submissions.  Auditions are by appointment only.  Please submit headshot/resume to Submission deadline is Friday, September 21st at 2pm.  If we are interested in inviting you to the screening you will receive a detailed email with instructions.


REHEARSALS: There will be two cast rehearsal times.  Two casts will rehearse Monday-Thursday weeknights between January 2- 17, 2019.  One cast will rehearse Monday-Thursday weeknights January 24 – February 7, 2019.  Exact dates discussed at callbacks.


PERFORMANCE DATES:  Two casts begin performances January 18th and the third cast begins performances February 8th. The show runs through November 16, 2019. Performance dates are divided among three casts.  Public performances are every Friday & Saturday nights. Private show dates vary but may include both weekday and weekend performances. Daytime availability and flexibility is a plus. 


CASTING: Due to volume of performances, we will be casting three actors per character. 


PAY: $100 per show 


SYNOPSIS: The show must go on, but it can’t without the namesake of the world renowned “Bronco Bob’s Wild West Extravaganza.”  Bronco Bob may be gone, but no one is missing him.  The unpopular owner of the biggest show in town was much better at pleasing his fans than his employees. 


Could one of his own cast members have decided it was time for Bronco to take his final bow?  Maybe the diva in distress, Penelope Pureheart, wanted to see her name in lights?  Or perhaps the hypnotic Professor Harry A. Pitts decided to make Bronco magically disappear?  Surely the love-sick star of the show, Annie Oaktree, didn’t get trigger happy?  Is it possible Smitty, the stagehand, stable hand, and understudy, is smarter than he seems?  Hang on to your popcorn and peanuts, cause you’re in for a hilarious Wild West Show like you’ve never seen before! 



Marshal Jim Courtright – (male, age 21-65) Jim is a kind lawman who likes to keep a peaceful town. He’s been waiting to see the famous Penelope Pureheart for years, but his excitement about the show will have to wait.  Bronco Bob is missing, and Jim will need to take over as director of this crazy cowboy conundrum. 


Smitty — (male, age 21-45) Smitty is the bumbling stagehand in charge of everything from shoeing the horses to drawing Bronco’s bath to filling in as the understudy for all actors…and actresses…in the show.  He’s the handyman who’s handy with everything except thinking.  **Through Professor Pitt’s hypnosis, the Smitty character flips back and forth between himself and Luc Delecher.  Luc requires a French accent.


Annie Oaktree — (female, 21-55) Annie is the star of the Wild West Extravaganza.  Why, she can out-shoot, out rope, and out drink any man in the west!  Heck, she’s the best at everything…everything except lassoing her “Love Muffin’s” heart. 


Penelope Pureheart — (female, 21-55) Penelope is easy to tizzy and hard to please.  Although she fancies herself the star actress of the show, this prima donna is much better at pouting than performing.  She likes to be treated like a princess and has an affinity for French fries, French toast, and French men. 


Professor Harry A. Pitts — (male, age 21-65) Pitts is the newest addition to the cast and his specialty is the power of suggestion. But don’t be disillusioned by this villainous magician or he might just put a spell on you.  Mwahaha.  Mwahaha.




Best Regards,

Paula Eyre