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Home Recording Studio Basics
It is well known that if you are to be a voice-over performer in the modern world, you have to be able to record yourself. At first in your career, recording yourself is largely about your ability to record your own audition files, but if you find yourself booked, there are many producers who would also appreciate your ability to submit clean, fully edited voice tracks for them to include in the project. Yes, you may be called to work in a full service recording studio, but it doesn't always happen...a good example is if you are working with a remote client. The question do you wade through the myriad of equipment choices to find the most suitable and cost effective options for your needs? In addition to the recording equipment, another critical aspect to be considered is the importance of the environment in which you will be recording.Acoustical treatment of your recording room is absolutely necessary if you are to achieve high quality recordings.
Class fee $75 for members/$90 for non
In a special two hour session, in his own home studio, Bob Michaels (who has been recording at home since 1988) will talk about basic equipment and acoustical requirements. Several scenarios will be addressed to help the student decide what is important, and how to proceed with these very difficult choices.

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