The Black Rose - Clifton McCurry



From the writers of the acclaimed film “Lady Luck”







  • Brenda (Black Female Age 30-40)-Slightly Psychotic, recently released from prison, manic depressive
  • Kiana (Black Female Age 25-35)-Curvy with a slim to medium body type, bourgeoise but street smart
  • Street Kid (Black Male Age 8-12)- Clean cut, somewhat naïve
  • Lori Sullivan (White Female Age 45-60)- Owner of Law Firm, clever and deceptive, prejudice tendencies
  • Johnathan Kemp (White Male Age 50-60)-Senior partner of a Law firm, arrogant and rude personality
  •  Francis Ottawa (White Male Age 40-45)-Senior Partner of the Law Firm, handsome and well dressed, hiding personal
  • Korea (Korean or Asian Descent Age 25-30)- The Firms Administrative Assistant, Social Butterfly, known to spill the tea
  • Store Manager (White Male Age 50-70)-Portly body type with a slight limp when he walks, and speaks with a strong country accent.
  • Store Manager's Daughter (White Female Age 20-30)-Stout in stature, strong country accent.
  • Kenneth Nance (White Male Age 20-25)-Valedictorian of his graduating class, Grandson of a state Senator, conceited and arrogant 
  • Leo (Black Male Age 50-60)- Owner of the neighborhood garage, deacon of the local church, treats everyone like family
  • Pearl (Black Female Age 50-60)-Faithful and dedicated church member, Sunday school teacher, President of the Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • Hazel (Black Female Age 50-60)- Church Administrative Assistant, Choir Director 


All ethnicities and body types are considered and needed, male and female. MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE unless stated otherwise.