Play Now Enterprise - Juneteenth

Juneteenth (Musical)

Written by Greg Ellis and T.K. Henderson


Open Call

All Roles are PAID

Saturday, April 14th

10:00am – 6:00pm

Play Now Enterprise

14665 Midway Road

Suite 105

Addison, TX

Contact: Rebecca Moore (AD/Stage Manager)

(214) 223-4111


Performances: June 9th & 15th


Hot off the heels of the major success of his stage play, Watch Night:  A Freedom’s Eve Story, writer director Greg Ellis, and T.K. Henderson, have written the follow up play, Juneteenth.  Through dialogue and music, with modern day scenes, and flashbacks to 1865, Juneteenth recreates the pivotal story of slavery in the state of Texas, and how the slaves were finally given their freedom.


Please bring your head shot and resume, prepare a ONE minute monologue, and a verse and chorus of a gospel, or gospel style song, to be sung a cappella.  You may be asked to do a cold reading from the script as well.


Character Breakdown:


Modern Day


Taliah: (Female, African American 15 – 17) She is the niece, or sister, of Greg Ellis.  Taliah has been invited to write, and sing, an original song for the Juneteenth Festival.  Greg introduces her to his friend Heather, who tells her the story of her ancestors, who owned a plantation and slaves, as inspiration for Taliah’s song.


Heather: (Female, Caucasian 45 - 55) She and Greg are linked by the slave story she is telling.  The slaves in the story are ancestors of both Heather and Greg.  Heather is married to Mike.


Mike/General Gordon Granger: (Male, Caucasian 50 - 60) Mike is Heather’s husband.  Gordon Granger is a General in the Union Army.  He makes the announcement for Texas to free their slaves. A firm attitude and is against slavery.


Greg Ellis: (himself)


Slaves (will need strong southern accents and will use slave dialect)


Henry: (Male, mid - dark skinned African American, able to play 16 – 30) He is a mentally strong slave who refuses to let Master take his manhood.  He’s not a troublemaker.  He is in love with Tippy and wants to be free.


Tippy: (Female, mid - dark skinned, African American, able to play 16 - 30) She is in love with Henry.  She has a genuine heart and tries to keep the peace.


Ozell: (Female, mid - dark skinned, African American, 45 – 60) She is the mother of Henry, proud of her son, but also wise and obedient to Master.  She wants to keep the peace and to keep her family together.


Sambo: (Male, mid - dark skinned, African American, 40 – 50) He has fully embraced being a slave and would do anything for Master. He likes being a slave and he is completely brainwashed, thinking God wants black people to be slaves.


Daucey: (Male, mid - dark skinned, African American, 40 – 50) He does not like being a slave however, he is totally submissive, mentally and physically to Master and tries to avoid conflict.


Black free woman: (Female, mid - dark skinned, African American 40 – 60) Needs to be a STRONG SINGER, also plays an extra slave woman


Plantation family (All must be able to do strong southern accents)


Master Hodge: (Male, Caucasian, 50 – 60) He is the master of the plantation and Beth’s husband.  He likes to drink and is often drunk.  He likes slavery.  He hates Henry because he cannot mentally break him.


Beth: (Female, Caucasian, 45 – 60) She regrets that she married her husband, Master Hodge.  She thinks he’s an incompetent drunk.  She acts like a spoiled queen and looks down on the slaves. 


Elizabeth: (Female, Caucasian, able to play 16 – 30) She is okay with slavery but, towards the end, she disagrees with slavery.  She treats the slaves nicely and is attracted to one of the male slaves.


Jack: (Male, Caucasian, 40 – 60) He works at the general store.  He hates slaves and hates the fact that slavery is coming to an end.


Emit: (Male, Caucasian, 40 – 60) He is a Union soldier.  He has a firm attitude and is against slavery