Going Solo: How to Write a 1-person Show

Going Solo: Start Writing and Producing Your Solo Comedy or Drama

Have an idea but not sure how to fly solo? Want to go it alone onstage but don't have that great idea for a show yet?

This class is all about exploring what it takes to create solo material on the page and the stage. If you're a writer who's never acted, or an actor not sure what to write, this class is for you! Over 4 class meetings, we'll get into the truth in comedy, the importance of timing, how to build a story around metaphors and imagery, and how to overcome any obstacles (mental, physical, financial, emotional) between your great idea and your live performance. The result will be a polished 5-7-minute piece (with a title!) that's the beginning of your new hit solo comedy or drama.

Instructor Elaine Liner is a former journalist and arts critic who debuted as a self-produced solo performer and playwright at the Edinburgh Fringe. She's taken her hit one-woman comedy Sweater Curse to the Fringe for two month-long runs and returned to Edinburgh in 2015 as a mentor invited by the Fringe to motivate other first-time solos. She's toured her show to New Orleans Fringe, San Antonio Classic Theatre, Dallas Solo Fest, Granbury Opera House and many other venues. She's also a certified life coach and the founder of Mastering the Media Matrix, a publicity workshop for artists.

Class meets once a week for 4 weeks.

Class fee $167 for members