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This is how the 6 admissions punch card works:
You will receive a punch card allowing you 6 admissions to any of the performances of your choice. You can come see each show once, bring five friends along with you to see just one show, see three shows twice, etc. This card gives you the flexibility to bring guests with you, or you can give it to a friend to use if you can't come. If you were to pay full price and came on all our Saturday shows you would be spending in excess of $155 for the 6 tickets. We also give our Punch Card holders priority seating as long as you reserve your seats in advance. For the 7 Plays in 7 Days festival, just present your card and we'll punch it only once and it'll admit you to all 7 plays!
You can purchase the season punch card on line at www.MBSProductions.net or purchase over the phone by calling call 214-477-4942.
All performances are either at the Stone Cottage Theatre, Studio Theatre, or the Main Stage.  All theatres are next to each other and are located at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center, 15650 Addison Road, Addison TX, 75001.  
All productions/dates/locations may be subject to change should the necessity arise. No Refunds.


The plays:


Blood Feast
by Mark-Brian Sonna
October  19 – November 5, 2017, at the Studio Theatre
Two estranged brothers meet over dinner to reconcile their differences. The older is still single having lost his girlfriend to his younger brother who is now married to her and is the father of two.  The younger brother resents the older for having been their father’s favorite and having inherited most of their father’s fortune.  As the dinner progresses the bad blood between them boils over leading to an unexpected, shocking, and violent conclusion as they fail to resolve their differences.



The Beulaville Baptist Book Club Presents: 
A Bur-Less-Q Nutcracker!
By Mark-Brian Sonna
November 24 – December 26, 2017, at the Main Stage Theatre
The hit cult show is back for its 11th smash year and this year it will be presented at the large Main Stage Theatre! The Beulaville Baptist Book Club, which is in dire straits financially, mistakenly hires the Velvet Kittens Burlesque troupe to do a performance of The Nutcracker. Winner of the 2014 National Nutcracker Award! Visit www.BurlesqueNutcracker.com for more information.



7 Plays in 7 Days
February 19 - February 25, 2018, at the Studio Theatre
7 new plays will be presented over 7 days.  These staged readings will delight, amuse, intrigue, as they are presented for the first time ever to the public. Season punch card holders can attend all 7 plays if they wish and it will count as only 1 punch on the punch card.



By Benito Pérez Galdós
March 28 – April 21, 2018, at the Stone Cottage Theatre
Set in rural Texas in the 1920’s, this story is about Marianela a middle aged black woman who serves as a seeing eye person for a younger blind man.  They fall in love.  When a doctor arrives in the town to treat the young man’s blindness, will their love endure or will it succumb against the social conventions of the time? This musical play incorporates spirituals and songs from the era.



Portrait of a Man
By Mark-Brian Sonna
June 1, 2017- June 17, 2018, at the Studio Theatre
Thomas Lawrence was the pre-eminent English portrait artist of the early 1800’s, and good friend and portrait painter to the young Queen of England.  Both were known for their outrageous humor. When a serious and wealthy young man comes into Lawrence’s studio to have his portrait done by Lawrence it eventually sets off a scandal that rocked the monarchy.   What actually happened behind those closed doors? The clues are in the painting which Lawrence kept hidden until his death. World Premiere.



A Lovely Goodbye
By Alejandro de la Costa
July 19 – August 12, 2018, at the Stone Cottage Theatre
Lovely Uranus, Dallas’ most notorious 3rd rate Drag queen, has many problems.  The first being men:  Lovely has fallen in love with Keith, who is in a relationship.  The second is the club he’s working at is closing and he can’t find a new job.  The third is the brand of mascara he’s been using for years is being discontinued and must find a new one.   And lastly, Lovely has developed health issues which might prevent him from ever doing drag again.  How will Lovely surmount all these obstacles?  The only way Lovely can:  by being Lovely.  World Premiere. 
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