Actor's First Aid

Telles' ACTORS FIRST AID: AUDITIONING WORKSHOP provides tools for better confidence and "Reel Proof". Talent are encouraged to work scenes outside regular comfort zones on video. And with multiple sessions, talent build an 'actors arsenal' of video proof showing you CAN...or to simply to keep in practice. Christopher works your scene to it's "best/most submittable take". ACTORS FIRST AID then edits best takes and emails the clip to talent and their agents as courtesy and for further growth and calibration. All this, combined with confidence building from a professional perspective usually unattainable by anyone not 'in the room'...before an audition and after an actor leaves the 'the room'.
Upon registration for full fee (with scene & video) sides are emailed 2-3 days before session. During registration, talent may request which types of sides to be assigned in order to conquer personal weaknesses or needed practice. Christopher Telles works 'one-on-one' on scenes with these limited number of full fee attendees.

ONE-on-ONE Video Audition Coaching and Private Group Instruction with Chris Telles ALSO Available by Appointment! Let's ROCK YOUR 2015 AUDITIONS with the very same professional video auditions appreciated by FILM ("BOYHOOD", "SIN CITY 2") & TV ("DALLAS", "AMERICAN CRIME" (pilot)"... and more!

One session: $140

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