Rover Dramawerks


Charley’s Aunt
by Brandon Thomas
directed by Lon Barrera


Saturday, July 21 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Sunday, July 22 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Appointments are required.  For an appointment time, please email

Auditions will be at Rover Dramawerks, located at 221 W. Parker Road, Suite 580 in Plano, at the northwest corner of 75 and Parker Rd. in the Ruisseau Village Shopping Center.

Brief Synopsis:

Jack and Charley invite Kitty and Amy to meet Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil, but she cancels at the last minute, leaving them without a chaperone. Desperate, the boys draft a college pal into a black satin skirt, bloomers, and a wig. As “Charley’s Aunt,” this charming frump wins over everyone, but when the real aunt turns up, comic confusion ensues!


Roles available for 6 men, 4 women
JACK CHESNEY - Student at St. Olde's College, son of Sir Francis. Tall, good looking, about twenty-two.

BRASSETT - A manservant, between forty and fifty. Always polite and never familiar in his manner.

CHARLEY WYKEHAM - Student at St. Olde's College. He is about twenty, good looking, charming and though shy, he is not awkward.

LORD FANCOURT BABBERLEY - Student at St. Olde's College. He is small but good-looking. He is mischievous and enjoys playing Charley’s Aunt.

AMY SPETTIGUE – Niece of Stephen Spettigue. She is the intended of Charley.

KITTY VERDUN – Stephen Spettigue's ward. She is the intended of Jack.

COLONEL SIR FRANCIS CHESNEY - Jack’s father. Tall, good-looking, and smart in appearance and manner. Actually fifty-one, but looks younger

STEPHEN SPETTIGUE - A well-to do solicitor of about fifty to sixty. When not in a temper, he has a charming smile.

DONNA-LUCIA D'ALVADOREZ - A well-preserved, beautiful, kindly woman of middle age. She has a keen sense of humor, and is capable of taking command of any situation.

ELA DELAHAY – Donna Lucia’s niece. She is a young, pretty, unaffected little girl of seventeen or twenty. Also has a sense of humor and high spirits.

British accents are required for all characters.

All roles are available.

Other information:
- Email for an appointment time, and access to a script will be made available to you. Be familiar with the script before coming to auditions.
- Be prepared to read scenes from the script.
- Please bring a resume and head shot.
- References may be required.
- Actors and technicians will receive stipends.
- Rehearsals will be in Plano
starting around the week of August 13. All conflicts must be noted at time of audition.
- Please visit the website at or call (972) 849-0358 for more information. 

Charley’s Aunt will run September 13-29, 2018 at Rover Dramawerks - 221 W. Parker Rd., Suite 580, Plano 75023.