Rover Dramawerks


by Muriel Resnik
directed by Carol M. Rice


Sunday, November 4 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm
Monday, November 5 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Appointments are required.  For an appointment time, please email

Auditions will be at Rover Dramawerks, located at 221 W. Parker Road, Suite 580 in Plano, at the northwest corner of 75 and Parker Rd. in the Ruisseau Village Shopping Center. 

Brief Synopsis:
John, a company president, is using the executive suite to house his mistress, Ellen, whom he sees once a week. Cass recently sold his factory to the middle-aged romancer and is mistakenly directed to the suite by a new is John’s wife Dorothy, who assumes Ellen and Cass are a nice young married couple. All the confusion creates a delightful comedy, in which tax advantages don’t always translate to love.


Roles available for 2 men, 2 women 
ELLEN - (late 20s to early 30s) lovely, vulnerable, bright, eager, wistful, emotional, dramatic, romantic.

JOHN - (late 40s to early 60s) a dynamic man accustomed to having his own way, wearing the aura of success as naturally as his Cartier links and Peale shoes.

CASS - (30s) a hard-working man with rugged features, overlaid with humor.

DOROTHY - (40s to 50s) unmistakably a lady (obviously the product of a finishing school), elegant, chic, and attractive.


All roles are available.

Other information:
- Email for an appointment time, and access to a script will be made available to you. Be familiar with the script before coming to auditions.
- Please prepare a one-minute memorized comedic monologue.
- Be prepared to read scenes from the script. 
- Please bring a resume and head shot.
- References may be required.
- Actors and technicians will receive stipends.
- Rehearsals will be in Plano starting around the week of November 26 (no rehearsal December 20 - January 1). All conflicts must be noted at time of audition.
- Please visit the website at or call (972) 849-0358 for more information.  

Any Wednesday will open Rover’s 19th Season and will run January 10-26, 2019 at Rover Dramawerks - 221 W. Parker Rd., Suite 580, Plano 75023.