TV/Film Cold Reading Skills

Emily Warfield shares what it's like in the heat of the moment at an audition you've been preparing for...and then THIS happens:

Picture yourself in a cold, darkened room where the only bright light is aimed directly at you. You’ve just given a great read – one you can really be proud of. All that prep has paid off! But now the casting director is staring at you, studying you intensely. You begin to get nervous. “Do I have something in my teeth?” Or worse: “Is my fly down?” Or worse yet: “Did I just totally blow it?” Suddenly, the casting director shoves some new sides at you and says, “Take these outside for 10 minutes and come back to read for this other role.” Uhh.…

You can research and prepare as best you can to get ready for your audition (as well you should!); but, when called upon to create on-the-fly, are you ready for that trial by fire?

Cold reading skills are an essential part in any actor’s training. It is the ability to break down new material quickly and make singular, bold character choices in a scene you’ve never seen before. It gives the auditor a snapshot or your acting chops – just how strong are your skills when you’re asked to showcase them on demand?