The LOOK that BOOKS!

Whatever your education or talent...
Your face and your headshot are your moneymakers. Your headshot and/or video are "the remains" of your audition, what is left for casting directors, producers and directors to consider.
That shutter nanoclick...or the video audition...encapsulates your talent and your education.

DONATELLE MASCARI, the MAKE-UP MAVEN, Dallas' best known, best-loved makeup artist in every media will tell you step-by-step how to get the look that's "YOU...but BETTER"

The first part of the class answers questions relevant to everyone who wants a good photograph of any kind, wishes to present well at go-sees, performs or auditions on video, or acts in black box or any relatively close range theatre.

Headshot info and tips on what to wear/what not to wear wardrobe, jewelry, hair, necklines, makeup. THE LOOK THAT BOOKS is the focus. The difference between close-up and distant shots in every media.
The second part of the class answers questions more pertinent to women; how to get the best eye, lip, contour (if needed). In-depth discussion with hands-on tips discussed per individual need. You will learn how to shape brows and the use of eyeliner to shape and enlarge eyes.

You don't want to miss this interactive presentation with a veteran pro who works daily in every media.  

Workshop not open to professional make-up artists.