Stage to Screen Workshop


 a workshop by Gail Cronauer

This workshop will focus on the similarities and differences between STAGE and SCREEN acting.
Most actors begin their training in the theatre but soon find themselves drawn to the challenges and delights of screen work.
Some actors move easily between the media while others struggle to make the required adjustments.
Knowing what to THINK and DO can make the transition easy.
We will discuss ways of THINKING about the adjustments.
What does stage require and love? What does the camera require and love?
Then we will do and tape a number of exercises, improvised monologues/ scenes and short reads
with an eye to what "works" and when.
Actors are encouraged, but not required, to bring a SHORT (30 second max) monologue to class.
It may be previously published or original material.
Workshop fee $150
Gail Cronauer has an MFA in Acting, is a Certified Michael Chekhov instructor and has taught in colleges, studios and privately for over 30 years. She is a working actress and director and currently teaches at Collin College. Go to where you can see her work and contact her. While presenting concepts to the entire class, she excels at working with the unique needs and experiences of each student. She would be happy to speak with prospective students about the class and her approaches.