Bright Star musical at the Winspear thru June 24th

Bright Star, book and story written by Steve Martin, lyrics and music by Edie Brickell is a lovely piece of musical theatre, telling a story of hope and the strength of love with songs played by banjo, mandolin, piano, bass, guitar and violin (on stage) and sung and acted by wonderfully talented singers and actors of this equity tour.  The story takes place in two time settings, 1923 and 1946.  We follow Miss Alice Murphy, beautifully played by Audrey Cardwell, over a 22-year span of time.  We first meet her in 1945, as an adult with a high-powered job as a magazine editor-in-chief but then we actually see her walk out of her shoes and turn into the young girl she was in 1923.  As we follow her story back and forth through time, we wait to see what truths she will know and how those truths will effect her life and the lives of others who were also involved.  The folk-flavor of the music is delightful and easy to listen to as the story musically unfolds before us.  Patrick Cummings as Jimmy Ray shows strength yet not enough to overcome his weakness when he learns the truth.  Lucy and Daryl, played by Kaitlyn Davidson and Jeff Blumenkrantz are so enjoyable in their scenes, you'll wish there were more of them.  Henry Gottfried as Billy Cane is the young writer in search of his voice, but what he finds enriches his life so much more.  Bright Star is playing at the Winspear through June 24th.  You'll be sorry if you miss it!!  The story was inspired by true events!

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Beth Bontley

Beth Bontley - After graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, with a degree in Speech and Drama, Beth Bontley made her way up to Boston. There she performed in everything from clowning to Shakespeare, including a stint as a singing ench. She also started her own business, teaching acting. She then graduated from the Circle in the Square Professional Theater School, in NYC. While there, she worked in all of the departments of the Circle in the Square Broadway Theater. While in NY, she worked in every aspect of off-off Broadway theatre, from producing to stage management, and lots of work onstage. She has also studied Native American philosophy, and creative goals strategies. From that she became a speaker, seminar leader and coach. She has been published in 6 newsletters/magazines; has been a featured guest on 6 cable TV shows in NYC, and over 21 radio programs on WOR in NY. She has self published 2 books and an audiotape. Currently she teaches acting at TCU, Tarrant Community College, Dallas Summer Musicals and STAGE. Recently she developed and directed a TCU summer camp for talented teens. Locally, she has appeared as Emma in Echo Theater's production of "Fefu and her Friends," in Theatre 3's "The Women," and as Theresa in Circle Theater's "The Memory of Water."

Beth Bontley