The Fruit Bowl Saturday, April 27th

Marisa Diotalevi's mobile Fruit Bowl needs a place to park for awhile on Saturday, April 27th

so she'll be at STAGE from Noon to 3pm

Stop by and buy a bowl of fruit with free toppings and get a FREE side!!! 

Then come in and and check out STAGE!!  We can't wait to meet you!



S.T.A.G.E. Hours

Current Business Hours:

Most Saturdays from Noon to 4pm.

Otherwise, STAGE is open by Appointment, unless we have a class, rental or event on-site.

In any case, PLEASE Call 214 630-7722 before you come down.

Thank you!

NEVER Pay for an Audition

If you learn only 1 thing from us, it's this...If you have to pay for an audition, it is a SCAM!

Perusal Scripts

STAGE has perusal scripts to help our members prepare for auditions and call-backs. These scripts are for members only and cannot be taken from STAGE.


What's Playing Where, When and Theatre Stories

Be sure to visit for local theater production dates, reviews (and yes, even  gossip)!  

Also look for theatre Production information on our website under ABOUT S.T.A.G.E.  Look for LOCAL PERFORMANCES!


If you would like to become a member of S.T.A.G.E. you may fill out the online form (see link at the bottom of this page), click submit, then call us with your payment.  If you have a Pay Pal account, you can send us the fee using our email address, and someone will get back to you to confirm your application.


The cost of an Adult membership for your first year is $75.00 membership fee plus a one time application fee of $15.00 = $90.

The Family/Friend membership can include two adults or one adult and two youths under 16. The family membership is $100 annual membership fee plus the one time $15 application fee = $115.

The Youth membership is for those under 16 years old; it is $35 annual membership fee plus the one time $15 application fee = $50

The Industry membership is $100 and is for those who require rehearsal/audition space.
For more information on Studio Rentals visit our studio space, or call the S.T.A.G.E. office 214-630-7722.

If you join STAGE to take a class, we waive the application fee!

VOLUNTEERING throughout the year can reduce your membership renewal.  Each hour you volunteer is a $1 off your membership renewal!


Click HERE for Online Application